Meet Carla


Your lifestyle is the key to a younger, more beautiful you.

At the age of 35, I started noticing fine lines and wrinkles. Not loving those visible signs of aging, I turned to botox and injectable fillers to smooth the surface. But a few years later, more signs started to appear — my skin looked dull and was quickly losing its youthful appearance, my hair was breaking and coarse, my nails were brittle and peeling, and my energy was depleted.

I no longer felt like myself, the woman my husband married, or the mother my daughter knew.

As I struggled with my emotional reaction to these external changes, I vowed that I would live my 40’s and future decades differently. I was determined to live my life better, eat for optimal health and find the secret to slowing down the aging process.

My goal was to restore the natural youthful glow to my skin and revitalize my hair and nails.

It’s all about focusing on the inside to get the best results on the outside.

Being a Certified Nutrition Consultant, I knew the connection between food and beauty was extremely powerful. I focused on the nutritional properties of specific foods to feed my insides to get the results I was looking for on the outside.

By feeding my body nutrient dense whole foods, I literally started turning back the clock by reversing the expression of my genes – my skin became radiant, my hair shinier, and my nails stronger.

As a side-effect, I dropped two sizes, increased my energy, wiped out depression and reduced my familial inherited cholesterol levels to normal.

I learned that nature’s beauty counter easily provides all the essential nutrients our bodies need to rejuvenate and repair our cells, naturally.

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As a result of the success of my personal journey, I am on a mission to help other women restore their inner and outer beauty through nutrition. I have developed two programmes that work in conjunction with each other to help you discover radiant health and abundant energy.

The NO TOX DETOX™ (Spring/Summer Edition + Fall/Winter Edition) is a 14-Day programme designed to help you finally figure out which foods work for you and which ones don’t — safely and quickly.

The FLAWLESS FOUNDATION™ is a 28-Day transformational programme designed to restore and rejuvenate every cell in your body and empower you with the knowledge to make smarter choices every day.


“There may be 18 years between them but the fact that Carla Davis and her daughter Jenaan Al-Suwaidi are almost indistinguishable is testament to the daily concoction of greens that Carla, a nutrition and lifestyle consultant, prescribes.”

– Harper’s Bazaar, March 2015

  • A small town girl who was born and raised in the U.S. South and is now living between two of the greatest cities on earth, London and Dubai
  • A world traveler + food lover who has an obsession with kitchen gadgets
  • Wife and mother to two of the most amazing people on the planet
  • A Sagittarius, whom are known for being fun loving adventure seekers
  • An adrenaline-filled adventure seeker with a favorite pastime of ziplining down mountains or snorkeling in oceans
  • A water bottle junkie: a bottle of water is always in my hand + two or three next to me
  • A devotee to green smoothies
  • Known as the “quinoa queen” and for my recipe overhauls
  • Proud owner of a bald-kitty son named Enzo, a Sphynx who rules the house
  • Big fan of Tabata workouts
  • Myers Briggs, ESFJ
  • Appeared in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia’s Best Dressed 2015 edition as one of the region’s most stylish women
Fed up with lotions and potions that don’t give you lasting results? Carla Davis, a certified nutrition and anti-aging beauty expert, discovered that real results happen at the intersection of science and nutrition. Through her delicious, whole food NO TOX DETOX™ and FLAWLESS FOUNDATION™ programmes, she can help you erase years from your face and give you the flawless complexion, lustrous healthy hair, and energized body you crave. Beautiful food. Delicious skin. Slender side effects.
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